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***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported only on touchscreen Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM and up-to-date Vulkan support. There are some devices that should be able to play that are listed as incompatible, we will fix this as soon as we can! ***
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Studio Wildcard
Jun 17, 2022
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ARK Survival Evolved APK

ARK Survival Evolved APK is a survival game for Android. This app features over forty creatures, including 29 species of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs in this game can be tamed to improve their stats and perform different actions. ARK Survival Evolved Android also allows you to play the game underwater. This feature is a real plus for people who like to explore the oceans.

ARK Survival Evolved is a survival game

If you are fond of survival games, you will surely enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved. This game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the player is faced with surviving in a harsh environment. In this game, you must quickly collect food, water and clothes to survive. You can also build structures like homes, buildings and weapons.

Unlike many other survival games, this one has no tutorials or walkthroughs for beginners. Hence, you must get acquainted with the game’s mechanics to survive it. ARK Survival Evolved is a game that requires you to team up with other players. The game includes combat, farming, and hunting and will help you grow food and make weapons. It has also been optimized for mobile devices, so your device should be highly configurable.

It has a mod menu

There are many advantages to downloading a modded version of ARK: Survival Evolved for PC. You can choose any available mods and install them in the game without having to uninstall the original version. This mod is safe and comes with a mod menu. It has a mod menu for ARK Survival Evolved APK.

First, you can download the APK file for free. You do not have to download the full game from Google Play because it is incompatible with some devices. You can also download the ARK Survival Evolved mod apk if the game is available on the Google Play store. Just make sure to download the latest version of ARK Survival Evolved APK.

It has a first-person perspective.

ARK Survival Evolved is a new open-world survival game created by Studio Wildcard. The game has a first-person perspective, and the player takes on the role of a dinosaur. The player must build a base, hunt dinosaurs, and gather materials to make the building. They must also gather supplies to build their city and transport themselves.

This game offers first-person and third-person perspectives. The survival aspects are the main focus of this game. Download the ARK Survival Evolved APK from the Android Market to begin playing. To install the game, you must have an account with Epic Games. Click on the “Store” tab from the main launcher page and select ARK Survival Evolved APK.

It has a third-person perspective.

You can change the camera view in ARK Survival Evolved by changing the settings in the game. If you’re using a PlayStation 4, go to the Options menu, then select Camera. On Xbox, go to the Control Center, then choose Camera. Then select the third-person view, and you’ll be able to switch back and forth between the two perspectives. You’ll want to change it back to first-person view before you move onto the next level and when you want to switch perspective during the game.

You can play the game from a first-person or third-person perspective, and numerous advancement systems exist. ARK Survival Evolved APK has a third-person perspective, but you can also switch to the first-person view if you prefer. The game’s graphics are impressive and require a good-quality PC to play. The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, and a modern gaming PC is recommended for the best results.

What's new

- Improved Android 12 functionality
- Structures can no longer be placed in the Volcano Crater on Official PvE servers
- "Disable Building in Volcano Crater (PvE)" option added to Unofficial Server web interface
- Numerous bug & exploit fixes

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