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Bad 2 Bad Extinction Apk

The game BAD2BaD Extinction is a zombie survival game. Humanity conducted a series of unsuccessful nuclear weapons tests in Syria, leading to the zombie epidemic. As a result, people turned to skeletal remains and closed their states’ borders. There is no one to fight the zombies and save the world, leaving the Delta squad, made up of fighting animals, to go into the thick of it all.

Characters in apk are not humans.

Despite the name, BAD 2 BAD EXTINCTION characters are not human. Instead, they are animals that can act and move just like humans. They will play an essential role in saving humanity. This game has several modes and multiple ways to complete them. For instance, you can select a commander to lead your squad. There are bonuses and side quests that allow you to upgrade your hero.

Characters in Bad 2 Bad Extinction fight back against evil.

The plot of Bad 2: The Extinction follows the journey of a group of good guys who must team up and fight the forces of evil. After an attempt at nuclear weapons testing in Syria went wrong, humanity collapsed, and people became zombies. They formed a task force to take back their homelands and fought back. During this mission, players must transform into different characters and coordinate with one another to complete the challenge.


If you enjoyed Bad 2: Delta, you would love the sequel Bad: Extinction. It takes place after the defeat of Al-Qatala and the Tailless Legion. In Bad 2: Extinction, you will be given control of an elite team of human warriors. The game consists of various missions requiring you to complete complex tasks to advance to the next level.

Weapons in Bad 2 Bad Extinction

In BAD 2 BAD Extinction, you can buy various weapons to boost your performance in battle. Several weapon gears are available, which can be obtained as rewards for completing multiple raids and random missions. Each bag has a fixed level of rarity. Particular rarity scopes increase range by 10% and accuracy by 1%. They can be equipped with almost any weapon. Legendary rarity scopes increase capacity and accuracy by 60% and 5%, respectively.

Mod Menu

You should check out the Mod menu in Bad 2: The Extinction if you want something different from the standard gameplay. It has various customization options, including character and weapon decorations. You can also use the Mod menu to enhance the power of your weapons and equip your team with futuristic technology. But what is the best way to modify your guns? Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of the Mod menu in Bad 2:

What's new

+Fixed weapon skill information error
+Changed the display of drone ammo count
+Fixed some bugs

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