Metel Horror Escape MOD APK 2022 (Everything) v0.432

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Metel Horror Escape MOD APK

Metel Horror Escape is a game of hiding and seek that brings a feeling of fear and suspense to the player. As you play the game, you must avoid the eccentric madman and find a way out. The euphoria you feel when you escape will be a wonderful feeling, but you will also have to be cautious to stay alive.

Metel Horror Escape MOD APK Unlimited Money

The Metel Horror Escape MOD APK is a survival horror and action-adventure game. The mod version allows you to get unlimited money and Coins. It allows you to unlock all levels and unlocks the mask. It also lets you use all the weapons you can find in the game.

METEL HORROR ESCAPE is a first-person horror game where you’ll be trapped in an ominous, spooky, and monstrous environment. You’ll be able to choose from several storylines, including a gruesome murder.

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The game will challenge you to get as far as possible while avoiding maniacs and evil spirits. To complete your mission, you must collect several items scattered around the room. Some of these will link and help you make new items. Getting these items before the maniac comes back to check on you is important.

Metel Horror Escape MOD APK Latest Version

Metel Horror Escape is a new first-person horror survival game. It throws you into a spooky mansion and tests your problem-solving skills. You’ll have to evade maniacs, collect items, and solve puzzles to escape. It has some excellent graphics and is a great game for puzzle fans.

It’s a dark and twisted adventure that requires you to escape a madman’s house. You’ll have to collect objects and make your way out before he comes back. Some of these objects will link together to create a new item, which will help you escape.


The gameplay is very difficult. The more rooms you clear, the more brainpower you’ll need. Using a logical thinking process, you’ll have to solve puzzles to find the objects in each room. It requires a lot of thinking, and you’ll need to be stealthy to avoid the maniac.

Metel Horror Escape MOD APK All Characters Unlocked

Metel Horror Escape is the game for you if you like to play puzzles and horror games. In this game, you must escape from a maniac by solving puzzles. During the game, you will meet many characters, all of which have different stories. You will need to learn the stories of each character to complete the game.


The game starts with the main character trapped in a dark wooded house. The character is in a cage and is being chased by a shadow. As you explore the house, you discover clues allowing you to escape. As you find these items, you must avoid making any noise, as this will alert the killer.

You can download the MOD APK from the link below. This modification will give you the ability to become invisible. The maniac will keep hunting you until he finds you, but he will not see you if you’re invisible. Once you’re invisible, you can explore the area and taunt the maniac to come and get you. You can turn this mod on or off from the game’s mod menu.

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