Mr Meat 2 MOD APK Unlimited Lives v1.1

After the previous game's events, Mr. Meat was captured by the police and imprisoned for his crimes. After years of being locked up in the state prison, the day of his execution has arrived, and all the people related to the case have gathered in prison to witness his end.
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Keplerians Horror Games
Jul 15, 2022
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There are many positive reviews of the puzzle game Mr. Meat 2, but what about those that don’t like the storyline? It’s based on a serial killer, tattoos, and a meat tenderizer? If you’re interested, read on to learn more about this game. It’s not hard to play, either. Keplerians Horror Games is known for its excellent graphics and sound. In addition, Mr. Meat 2 includes many difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels.

Mr. Meat 2 First-person horror escape room

In this horror-themed puzzle game, you will be required to work fast and use logic to solve puzzles. You’ll also need to use your wits and creativity to uncover hidden objects so that you can save the girl from the zombie butcher. Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room is easy to pick up and play, and its dark graphics keep you entertained for hours.

The game is set in a dark, foreboding house, with a creepy killer lurking. The atmosphere is dark and ominous, with blood and raw flesh splattered everywhere. Ruined walls, old glass doors, and a student abducted by a mysterious stranger are all in the background. You’ll need to collect clues and use your wits to find a way out of the house before the killer kills your girl.

Haunted house

The player must find clues leading him to the next haunted house level in the horror escape room. The game combines puzzle elements and horror. It doesn’t focus on entertainment as much as realism and details that can make you shiver. Unlike other horror escape room games, Mr. Meat 2 MOD APK has a haunted house that will have you screaming and frightened by the end.

This game is set in a haunted house, a location that a zombie outbreak has recently ravaged. The haunted house contains corpses and blood and a horrifying killer who wants nothing more than to eat the fresh meat. The house has been the site of several crimes, including kidnapping and the murder of a female student.

Scary chases

Scary chases in Mr. Meat 2 are thrilling adventures that will make your blood boil! This game features a gruesome, cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to make you pay for his crimes. The game’s realistic graphic design features sharp, 3D images with ruins and old glass doors that look like they’ve been torn down. As you move from one location to another, you’ll discover clues to lead you to where the murderer is hiding.

Puzzle Elements

Aside from the thrill of zombies, Mr. Meat 2 MOD APK features puzzle elements that require you to use your brains to find items. Many puzzles involve unlocking a crate or unlocking a door. Using your wits and logic, you’ll need to figure out how to open each door or unlock the mysterious tunnels so you can escape. Hidden content and items will be helpful to you in this game.

Mini flashlight

The mini flashlight is one of the most valuable tools in Mr. Meat 2 MOD APK. You can use it to detect the presence of monsters in the game. You also have to take the necessary actions to avoid being caught by monsters. In addition, this flashlight can help you spot the well nearby, which becomes an important tool later on. In the beginning, you should be able to access Mr. Meat’s house’s yard and shed.


This mod apk for Android will have no ads, no in-app purchases, infinite ammunition, and no ad banners. It will be an excellent game for you, and the graphics are superb. The game also offers many interactive scenarios and gives you the feeling of running away from the scary zombies. And what’s more, you can use the Mini flashlight to see what’s around you.

What's new

The continuation of the Mr. Meat story has arrived!

★ Play as Rebecca as you search for a way to escape the prison by one of the 2 available routes.

★ Experience the events of Mr. Meat's execution day 10 years after the events of the first game.

★ Discover more details of the past of Mr. Meat and his family.

★ Meet new enemies and face them with new weapons.

We hope you like it, thank you very much for playing!

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