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The PC Creator is a simulator tycoon game, where you try yourself as a PC builder for free!
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How to Install PC Creator Apk on Your Phone

PC Creator apk may be a good choice if you are an IT enthusiast. With this mod, you can become an expert in any computer-related work. This game also includes cooperation with friends to gain experience. It’s an excellent game for people who are interested in computers. PC Creator also helps you expand your knowledge by acquiring a vast knowledge of computers. However, you’ll have to pay for this mod. This is why it’s essential to check the compatibility of this mod before installing it.


If you have an innate knack for building computers, you can use PC Creator Pro to turn your passion into a lucrative business. PC Creator Pro lets you take on commissions from clients and upgrade different parts of the computers. With this app, you can turn an average PC into a beast of a machine. And what’s better than making money while doing it? It also lets you work towards a high level of skill and proficiency.


There are so many ways to customize your PC in the Mod APK. It is possible to install a water cooler, put in a brand new case, or even buy various components. All of these options allow you to have a completely different PC. PC Creator enables you to customize your PC by purchasing and upgrading other parts. The game also lets you earn money as you fulfil customer requests. As you play, you will learn about the various factors that affect PC performance, and you can use that information to upgrade your PC or even buy a brand new one.


To make money, a PC creator must explicitly state the costs of the parts and labour involved in building a computer. The prices of the components usually exceed the labour costs. The margins in the PC industry are tiny, so the PC creator cannot afford to hide the costs from customers. For instance, the cosmetics industry is notorious for selling products at ridiculous prices – a fifty-millilitre bottle of water can be sold for hundreds of dollars!

Compatibility issues

Installing the PC Creator apk on your device can be a hassle if your operating system does not support your phone. This application has a long list of compatibility issues, so check the compatibility settings on your phone. There are two ways to install the app: using an unknown file or through the device command section. The former is recommended because the latter will prevent the app from installing on your phone. PC Creator apk has original content and is filled with various exciting mini-games that can be played to earn new components for your computer. The gameplay is amusing and comical, and the payouts are consistently generous. You can purchase more tickets if you’re unsatisfied with the payouts.

Money generated

If you love computers, you’ll love PC Creator! You’ll earn lots of money in this simulation game where you can design, build, and upgrade a PC! With the unlimited money MOD, money worries are a thing of the past! PC Creator’s mod is a modified version of the original app that will let you earn unlimited money while playing the game. This mod is entirely safe to download and install on your device.

What's new

- Fixed huge RAM usage
- Fixed long time loading of scenes
- Fixed ANR`s
- Fixed some crash cases
- Removed some methods of additional user verification

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