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ShellShock Live APK Review

If you’re looking to download and install the latest ShellShock Live apk on your Android device, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started, how to get ShellShock Live, and what Tanks to unlock. Also, read on to learn about some of the essential features and controls of the game. After downloading the ShellShock Live apk, you can play and enjoy it on your Android device.

Overview of ShellShock Live apk

ShellShock Live APK is a multiplayer tank game that utilizes physics gameplay. Players must be cautious when aiming their missiles. There are several different types of weapons that you can use, including bare shields and rockets packed with explosives. This game is a lot of fun! If you are looking for an arcade-style game that will keep you busy for hours, you should check out ShellShock Live.

Unlike other games, the strategy aspect of ShellShock Live sets it apart from others. Its unique mechanic allows players to harvest enemies’ resources to improve their survival. Players can also collect valuable items by killing enemy units, which can help them survive longer. In addition, the game includes numerous power-ups and an ever-growing community of players. If you enjoy strategy games, you should download the free ShellShock Live Apk!


For those who love the strategy and action of tank games, ShellShock Live is for you. The DOS-era tank dueling games inspire this online multiplayer arcade game. You can level up your tank and unlock different weapons to help you win. You can participate in team battles or free-for-all battles. With over eight players online, you will want to ensure you’re prepared for any scenario. In this ShellShock Live review, we’ll go over the gameplay and what to expect.

This new game from kChamp games features a two-dimensional battleground and many different tanks and weapons. The opponent fires their shells based on the angle of attack and wind. There are four game modes – “Deathmatch,” “Juggernaut,” and “Team Deathmatch.” The game also has over 200 power-packed upgrades. Regardless of how experienced you are with tank combat, you’ll have a blast playing ShellShock Live!

Tanks to unlock

If you’re looking for a unique way to customize your tank, you can use the Tank Parts available. These items can be bought from the in-game store, unlocked through levels, or opened by earning experience points. These items will give you no in-game advantage, but they will allow you to customize your tank to your preferences. Also, be aware that the Hitbox will remain the same with each tank part you purchase.

Once you’ve completed the first level, you can move on to the next level and unlock new Tanks. There are many different types of Tanks to open in ShellShock Live. As you progress through the game, you will receive experience points you can use to buy new weapons and power-ups. The game offers a side-scrolling gameplay experience similar to other action games and includes competitive multiplayer against friends in a destructible world. While the game’s main features include team-based tactics, weapons, and upgrades, it also boasts new content, such as multiplayer modes, a custom scenario editor, and more.

Getting started

Getting started with ShellShock Live is as easy as setting up a new account and joining the game. The classic DOS tank dueling games inspire this multiplayer strategy game. The game features hundreds of different weapons and tanks that can be upgraded, as well as leveling and unlockable gear to customize your tank further. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, and you can compete against other players online or with friends in a tight team battle.

ShellShock Live 2 is an excellent multiplayer game. If you plan on grinding ranks, you’ll need to rack up a lot of XP. This is accomplished by finding a lobby with a high XP goal and farming XP. However, it would help if you first practiced hitting the bumper before selecting any weapons because this will help you in the game. The more you practice this, the more powerful your weapons will become.

What's new

Several bug fixes and stability improvements.

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