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World War Heroes Apk

World War Heroes apk has beautiful 3D graphics, the feeling of a harsh wartime environment, and diverse characters and weapons. Its intense gameplay and immersive environment recreate the European context of World War II. Characters are realistic and varied in appearance, and weapons have varied ranges and recoil. The game’s graphics are meticulous and accurate, from explosion effects to the formation of each character’s weapon. World War Heroes is a must-have for fans of realistic war-time simulation games.

Game modes

Game modes in World War Heroes apk are designed to provide players with a challenging experience. While Deathmatch is the classic model, this new game has several different methods, including Counterstrike, Warzone, and Team Deathmatch. Players are split into two teams in each way and must try to eliminate all enemies on the map. The last team standing at the end of the match is declared the winner. While the game offers several different strategies, the core concept remains the same: each team will have an objective, which is the goal of the match.


In World War Heroes, you can switch between various types of weapons. The game offers 57 different types of guns. You can choose from the German MG42 machine gun, the English Lee Enfield, and the US M1 Garand. You can also choose to use the Russian PPS. Each weapon in the game has a different damage level and can be upgraded in the game using gold. You can use your gold to upgrade other weapons, such as the tank.

Graphics – World War Heroes APK

World War Heroes is a popular FPS game on the Google Play store. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the World War II-era while enjoying fantastic graphics. The game has several modes and allows you to play as a variety of soldiers from various warring factions. Players can use an arsenal of weapons and equipment to fight their enemies, and the game also has the means to clear mines.

Online mode

One of the best features of World War Heroes is its multiplayer mode. The game offers an excellent experience with various gameplay modes and realistic graphics. It has five unique maps, six unique battle modes, a custom game mode, and seven different battle zones, all of which correspond to actual historical locations. It also offers a variety of weapons and equipment. A stable Internet connection is required for playing the game online.

Daily quests

If you’ve been playing World War Heroes apk for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it offers several ways to make cash. In the game, you can complete daily quests for money and gold and earn experience points and weapons when you achieve them. You can find a list of these in the “Quest” tab of the main page. Many of these quests have universal applications, and you can find them categorized according to your game type. You can also view the rewards of each kind of quest separately – PVE and PVP.

What's new

- New Battle Pass season "Battle of Greece"
- New weapons
- New map "Reichstag"
- New resurrection system for "Frozen Battle" and "Stalingrad" maps
- Weapon comparison tool
- Weapon and armor upgrade system reworked
- Changes in smoke and bushes mechanics
- New currency for purchasing skins – Voucher
- Maps optimization
- Minor bugs fixed

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